17 HTM Solve by Guus Razoux Schultz

Scramble (speedsolving.com weekly competition 2013-15): D2 F2 U’ L2 D B2 U’ F2 L2 F2 U’ L’ D’ L2 B’ D’ F D U’ R U
Solution: B U F2 D’ F L2 D L2 D L’ R F R’ D’ F’ R2 D (17 HTM)

My first moves: quick start:
B U F’ L F’
To fix pseudoblock at the right add premoves (R2 D)
Continue obvious start: 2 blocks: B F’ U (3+2)
I investigated this start for several minutes, parked it for later, and investigated an alternative start with these same promising pre-moves (R2 D):
2x2x2: B U (2+2)
save pair before creating next block: F2 (3+2)
block and extra pair: D’ F L2 D (7+2)
another block and extra pair: L2 D L’ (10+2)
finish F2L and LL-skip: R F R’ D’ F’ (15+2)
undo pre-moves (R2 D) (17)
Very lucky solve, 20min!
PB and optimal solution!

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