20 HTM Official WR by Tomoaki Okayama

Scramble: L’ F2 R B2 D2 L’ B2 U B2 L B’ R’ U B2 D’ R U B’
Solution: L2 U2 L F’ U’ F2 U D’ B’ R2 F2 D B2 D’ U F D F’ U’ F (20 HTM)
Quoting from his post on speedsolving:

“NISS solve.

Pre-scramble: L

2x2x3 block: B2 D’ F R2 B D

Pre-scramble: D’ B’ R2 F’ D B2

All but 4 corners: L2 U2 L F’ U’ F2 U
Correction: D’ B’ R2 F’ * D B2

Insert at *: F’ D B2 D’ + F D B2 D’
Insert at +: U F D F’ U’ F D’ F’

I got the 13-move skeleton in 19 min., and wrote down the 20-move
final solution in 50 min. Then I checked the solution again and again,
and was satisfied in 55 min. I brought my sheet to Ton Dennenbroek and
reported my result.

Thanks to everyone, I finally did it!
But as Mike Hughey said, it is not the end, but surely this record will be further broken.
The next world record is under God’s number!”

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