24 HTM Solve by Sebastiano Tronto

Scramble: (this) F2 B L F’ B2 L U’ F L’ D2 U F’ L’ R2 B F’ R’ B R2 U’
Solution: U F’ U F U F’ U’ F U’ R2 B’ R F2 D2 B R’ B’ R F D R’ B’ L U’

Everything on inverse scramble:
U //2x2x1 (1/1)
L’ B R D’ //2x2x1 (4/5)
F’ R’ B R B’ //2x2x1 (5/10)
D2 F2 R’ B R2 //F2L-1 (5/15)
U F’ U F U’ F’ U’ F U’ //Finish (9/24)

Getting lucky is not a crime especially when you pursue it: I had found different ways to complete the F2L-1, but none of them lead to a skip. I have at last found this by trial and error.

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