2c2e Insertion by Sebastiano Tronto

Scramble: B’ L’ D2 R U F’ U’ L U2 D R2 U2 F B R2 B U2 B L2 B2 U2
Solution: B’ F D2 L’ R2 B R B’ R2 F R’ B R F’ R2 F2 D F’ D2 F R’ D’ R D2 F U2 (26 HTM)

Explanation: (with my NISS notation, moves in brackets are done on inverse scramble)
(U2) //2x2x1 (1/1)
B’ F D2 //2x2x1 (3/4)
L’ B * R2 //3x2x2 (3/7)
(F’ D2 R’ D R) //F2L-1 (5/12)
(F’ D2 F D’ F2) //All but 2 edges and 2 corners (5/17)
* = B’ R2 B R B’ R2 F R’ B R F’ //2c2e, 2 moves cancel (9/26)

To solve the last 4 pieces I have inserted a sub-optimal J perm, which cancelled 2 moves, although at the same place in the solve I could have inserted the optimal J perm B2 L B L’ B D2 F’ R F D2, which I didn’t know when I did this solve, cancelling one move and getting the same result.

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