4 Insertions in 1 Skeleton (27 HTM Solution) by Sebastiano Tronto

Scramble: B2 F2 U’ L2 R2 U’ R2 F2 D R2 B2 L B’ F’ L U R D B2
Solution: B L D’ L B R’ B’ R L’ D R L’ D U2 L’ D2 L U R2 U B D’ R2 L2 U D’ B’ (27 HTM, 23 STM)
B * D R //2x2x1 (3/3)
U L2 U //3x2x1 + 2 pairs (3/6)
F U’ ° F2 B //All but 3 corners and 3 edges (4/10)

* = L D’ R D + L’ D’ # R’ D //3 corners, 1 move cancels (7/17)
+ = D’ R’ L B R’ B’ R L’ D R //1 edge, leaving a double 2-cycle, 4 moves cancel (6/23)
# = E2 //Solves all edges but leaves 4 centres unsolved, 1 move cancels (1/24)
° = E S2 E’ S2 //4 centres, 5 moves cancel (3/27)

I have found the insertions in the following order: *, #, +, °. At first I had solved # and ° in one step, as a normal double 2-cycle of edges, but then I tried to separate them and cancelled one more move. What do we learn from this solve? That centres are NOT fixed! :)

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