21 HTM Solution (Unofficial) by Sebastiano Tronto

Scramble: L’ F’ L R’ D U’ R’ U2 L’ R F U2 B F D F’ L B F U
Solution: U R’ L U2 L D’ U F’ L F R’ F’ L’ F2 R F’ L R’ F’ R U2 (21 HTM)
Explanation (with the NISS notation explained here):
U’ R’ L U2 L D’ //2x2x2 + 2x2x1 (6/6)
(U2 R’ F R L’) //F2L-1 (5/11)
(F R’ F’ R) //All but 3 corners (4/15)
(R’ F’ L F R F’ L’ F U’) //3 corners, 3 moves cancel (6/21)

This is my PB at the moment. Lucky solve, pretty easy blockbuilding; it wasn’t even a timed attempt, I have found this solution in ~10 minutes. Of course I tried to insert that corners 3-cycle somewhere else in the solve, but I turned out that the optimal way to solve those corners was doing that commutator right at the end.

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