Italian Weekly Competition Round 12 by Sebastiano Tronto

Scramble: B2 D’ R2 D’ F2 R2 D B2 U’ L2 D2 R’ U’ R L’ D’ F D2 B R U2 R’
Solution: B’ R’ U B U’ F2 U B’ F2 R F R U2 F R B R2 B’ F D’ B’ D B F’ D’ B’ L B L’ (29 HTM)

B’ R’ * F2 U F2 //2x2x1 (5/5)
R //Another 2x2x1 (1/6)
F R U2 F R B R + B’ R //F2L-1 + pair (9/15)
D’ B’ L B L’ //All but 3 edges and 3 corners (5/20)
* = U B U’ F2 U B’ U’ F2 //3 corners, 4 moves cancel (4/24)
+ = R B’ F D’ B’ D B F’ R’ B //3 edges, 5 moves cancel (5/29)

Nice blockbuilding (see how the two ready-made pairs are saved during the first step and only matched to other blocks later) and kinda lucky insertions.
Another way to continue after the F2L-1 would be switching to inverse scramble (using NISS) to be able to solve the F2L with 4 extra move, in 3 different ways.

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