#422 (No Time Limit) by Sebastiano Tronto

Scramble: F’ L B’ D’ U2 L F D2 B L’ F’ B2 R B2 U2 L’ R B L F2 D R’ F’ R B F U2 D’ F’ B’
Solution: D F’ U L B L D’ L U2 L2 U2 B’ R B L2 B’ R’ B U L D’ L D B2 D2 R D (27 HTM)

D F’ U L B //Edges orientation (5/5)
L D’ //2x2x1 (2/7)
L U2 L2 U2 //Another 2x2x1 and a nice pair (4/11)
* L2 U //Lots of blocks (2/13)
L D’ L D B2 D2 R D //All but 3 corners (8/21)
* = B’ R B L2 B’ R’ B L2 //3 corners, 2 moves cancel (8-2/27)

After not finding any good solution during the 1 hour time limit, I tried the scramble again the day after and I decided to use an Orient-First approach; I’ve found this in 50 minutes (but, since I had already tried the scramble the day before, this is technically a “no time limit” solve). After the EO, everything went fine (pretty standard blockbuildig).

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