Official Solve by Sebastiano Tronto @Milan Blind Day 2012 (Italian NR)

Scramble: B2 D2 L D F L2 B L’ F’ L B’ D’ L D F’ D2 F D’ L F2 D’ F’ L2 D’ B’ R2 B R2
Solution: R2 B’ R2 B D L2 F D F2 L’ D F’ D2 F D’ L’ D B L’ F L B’ L2 F’ D’ L’ D2 B2 (28 HTM)
(the scramble is the inverse of the solution, because I didn’t bring home the original one)

Premoves: D2 B2
R2 B’ R2 B //2x2x2, found premove B2 here (4/4)
D L2 F D F2 //2x2x3 (5/9)
L’ D F’ D2 F D’ //F2L-1, found premove D2 here (6/15)
L’ D * L’ F L’ F’ D’ L’ //All but 3 corners (8/23)
D2 B2 //Undo premoves (2/25)
* = B L’ F L B’ L’ F’ L //3 corners, 5 moves cancel (8-5/28)

This was my first sub-30 solve (my unofficial PB at the time was 32), as well as my first NR. I am very proud of this soluton, I used the most advanced techniques I knew (I didn’t know NISS back then) and got a bit lucky with the insertion.
This is a good example of how you can find premoves for adjusting pseudo blocks without using the inverse scramble nor NISS.
The “All but 3 corners” step is nice; I didn’t use an Heise-style oriente first approach, but rather I have made the second pair oriented edges and matched the blocks altogether.
This solve is probably the reason why a decided to go into FMC.

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