23 HTM Solve by Prakhar Gupta

Scramble (http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~dadams/fmc/40/): D2 F2 U’ R’ D2 L’ B’ U’ L2 F R B R’ U’ B’ D2 U’ L’ U L’
Solution: R’ B2 R B R B’ R’ B’ R’ B2 R2 U’ B2 U B’ F2 L B2 D’ L D2 U’ F2 (23 HTM)

On Inverse
F2 U D2 L’ D B2 L’ F2 //2x2x3 [8/8]
B U’ B2 U //F2L-1 [4/12]
R2 B R B’+ R //L3E [5/17]

Insert at + B R’ B R B R B R’ B’ R’ B2

Another start-
On inverse
Premove- B’
F2 U D2 L’ B2 D L’ F2 B2// F2L-1

First, I found a psuedo F2L-1 in 9 moves(10 including premove). But it left 0 edges oriented. So I continued to this. F2L-1 to L3E was pure luck.
I did not use the optimal U perm or 6 move edge 3 cycle because there was no such case. Btw, insertions are optimal.

It is my PB. Previous was 27 HTM.

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