23 HTM Official Solve by Sébastien Auroux @ Berlin Open 2013

Scramble: D2 L’ D2 R’ D2 U2 R D2 F’ U’ F’ D B2 D’ F’ L2 R’ B’ U2
Solution: D F D’ F’ D R’ D’ R D’ F D2 F2 D B’ D’ B’ D F2 D’ B F R B2 (23 HTM)

Explanation (Notation):
(B2 R’ F’ D B) //2x2x3 (5/5)
(F2 D’ F) //F2L-1 (3/8)
(F D2 F’) //More blocks, 1 move cancels (2/10)
D F D’ F’ D R’ D’ R D’ //All but 3 corners (9/19)

Skeleton: D F D’ F’ D R’ D’ R D’ F D2 F2 D F2 B’ * D’ F R B2
* = F2 D’ B’ D F2 D’ B D gives 4 move Cancellation (optimal)

Comment (by Sébastien):
I had the solution afters 10-15 minutes. So many possibilities and great beginnings! I couldn’t do better though within one hour. I’m curious if someone finds a better solution for this scramble!

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