25 HTM Corners First NISS Solve by Attila Horváth

Scramble (fmc.mustcube.net #361): R2 B D B2 D U B F2 R’ B L2 U’ F2 B R D2 B’ R2 D B2 D2 B’ U D’ L R’ B’ D’ B2 L2
Solution: D’ L2 D’ F2 U’ R’ L F2 D2 R L F’ R2 L’ B’ R’ L U R’ F R’ D B2 R L (25 HTM)

Explanation (Notation):
D’ L2
(R’ L’ B2 D’)
D’ F2 U //Corners -2 moves and 6 edges
(this is my best start, but the continuation is a hard case)
(R F’ R U’ L’ R B L R2 F L’ R’ D2 F2 L’ R U2)

After the first 9 moves, instead of switching to inverse scramble, you can:
Premoves: D B2 L R
On normal scramble: D’ L2 D’ F2 U F2 R’ //RouxBlocks + CMLL in 11
Maybe Roux solver may have fun trying to find better solutions for LSE, good luck!
Also, adding an L2 move and using D’ L2 D’ F2 U F2 R’ L2 D B2 L R as skeleton for 2 edge 3-cycle insertions leads to 23 moves total.

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