WC 2013 Winning solve (26 HTM) by Sébastien Auroux

Scramble: D’ L2 R2 F2 D R2 D2 R D B2 F U’ L B R F2 R2 D’ U
Solution: L2 B’ D R2 B L B’ R2 D’ B L’ U’ R U2 D2 F’ D’ B2 D F D2 F’ D’ U R’ B’ (26 HTM)

Explanation and Comment:
As already in WC2013’s first attempt I had lots of bad luck with insertions for this scramble even though having some decent skeletons. Time passed by and at around 55:30 I decided to give the last shot on the following skeleton I had found on the inverse:

Some Blocks + some orientation: B R U’ D F
6C3E: D B2 D’ U2 R’ U * L2
* = L B’ D B L’ B’ D’ B to get L4C

Skeleton: B R U’ D F D B2 # D’ U2 R’ U L B’ D B L’ + B’ D’ B L2

Around 57:00 I found # = B2 D F’ D’ B2 D F D’
After restickering for pass 2 I found + = L B’ R2 B L’ B’ R2 B at around 59:10.

Then I just rushed writing down the solution, inverting and taking into account the insertions and hoping for not messing this up. The call to put down the pens came within a second after I had written down the last move. I was absolutely shaking and excited while trying what I had written down right afterwards. I guess that you can imagine the relief that came over me when it worked.

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