24 HTM Corners First Solve by Attila Horváth

Scramble (fmc.mustcube.net #337): U’ F2 D’ F’ L’ B U’ B2 U B’ U’ L’ F’ U’ F2 L2 B’ R2 F R2 F U’ B’ R U’ R’ D2 U L R2
Solution: B2 D R’ B’ D2 U2 F L D’ U’ R’ U2 R’ B F2 D2 L2 U’ D R U’ R’ L B2 (24 HTM, 21 STM)

First I need a short corners-solution, usually I try something with premoves, if the scramble seems too hard. In this case I found this premoves for normal scramble: D B

Corners solution:
B2 D’ B’ D2 B (Guimond first step: orient corners)
B2 D’ R2 F2 (Solve all corners)
Corners solve, without premoves:
B2 D’ B’ D2 B’ D’ R2 F2 D B
Corners solve for inverse scramble: (inverse of previous solve)
B’ D’ F2 R2 D B D2 B D B2

A variation of the previous solve, to get more edges solved:
B2 M b d’ M’ F2 R2 d2 D’ b d2 B corners -2 moves and 5 edges solve,
Then I write this, without centers move:
B2 L’ R U R’ D’ U L2 D2 F2 B’ R U2 R
The second move (M) does not change the first five edges position, but it must be inserted to get the lucky ending.

The next step is obvious, solve more 3 edges:
U D setup moves, L’ F’ U2 D2 B R 3 edges algo, then a lucky E slice skip, due to the previous M move.

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