25 HTM Solution by Sebastiano Tronto

The scramble (Dutch Open 2009) was proposed by Guus Razoux Schultz as a hard scramble.
Scramble: R2 D B2 U B2 D B’ D’ R’ U’ F’ D2 B2 R D L’ B’ F
Solution: F2 R2 U B U’ F’ L’ F’ U R’ B’ D’ B D R D2 R F D F’ D’ B2 R U R’ (25 HTM)

Pseudo 2x2x2 + pair: F2 R2 F2 U (4)
On inverse with premoves U’ F2 R2 F2, complete 2x2x3: R U’ R’ B2 R’ (5)
I’ve found this start quite early (5 minutes maybe, but I have also explored a bit another start). Back to normal scramble with premoves R B2 R U R’, I changed my first moves to:
F2 R2 U B U’ F’ L’ F’ U //F2L in 9+5=14 wow!
Here at first I went for CLL (9 moves) + inserted edges 3 cycle, which was actually just a regular ELL inserted right after the CLL. Then I’ve found this finish:
R’ B’ D’ B D R
D2 R F D F’ D’ R’ //2 look LL (13)
R B2 R U R’ //Undo premoves, 2 moves cancel (3)

I think this is one of my best solves ever (not only for movecount), I am really proud of it.

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