25 HTM Solve by Teemu Tiinanen @ Estonian Open 2010

Scramble: D2 L2 F D2 U2 B R2 U2 F’ U2 R’ D R U2 L’ U’ R2 F’ L2 U F
Solution: F’ B2 R2 B U R U’ R2 B2 R’ B2 R2 B R’ D’ L2 D R D’ L2 R’ U’ R2 B2 L’ (25 HTM)

Pre-move for the inverse scramble: F
2x2x3: L B2 R2 U R D.
Pseudo F2L minus slot: B’ R2 B2 R B2
Leave 3 corners: R2 U R’ U’ B’ R2 B2

Insert D’ L2 D R’ D’ L2 D R at the dot to cancel 2 moves.

I didn’t have much time in the end so I was rushing a bit and I felt quite nervous so it’s possible that I overlooked a better insertion. I spent quite a lot of time for the start, which caused the time trouble. I was quite surprised to find such a nice start on a scramble with no pairs.

(Luckily for him, that insertion was optimal)

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