22 HTM Official Solve by Vincent Sheu (US Nats 2014, part of 25.00 WR avg)

Scramble: L2 F L2 R2 B2 R2 B’ R2 F U2 L2 D B2 U’ F’ L’ B2 R’ U2 L2
Solution: L R B’ D’ B2 D2 F’ R U’ R’ U’ R’ F’ U F R’ U2 R U’ R U2 R’ (22 HTM)

L R B’ D’ B2 D2 F’ //2x2x3 (7/7)
R U’ //Setup pair (2/9)
R’ U’ R’ //XXCross setup to EO (3/12)
F’ U F //EO (3/15)
R’ U2 R //Insert pair and do ALL THE BLOCKS FROM NOWHERE (3/18)
U’ R U2 R’ //FInish (4/22)

Comment by Vincent:

After the 2x2x3, I experimented with different ways of putting the last cross edge in. My strategy was essentially Blockbuilding DFS looking for skips. Usually results in <30 or >40 (if I fail).

Fun fact: in QTM, the solution beats the scramble 26 to 32 (wow!).

7 different people at the comp have found a 27 HTM solution, ending with Sune + PLL skip: can you fin it?

Pic of the sheet used by Vincent

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