NISS Notation

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I’d like to introduce my notation for NISS solves, because I find it easy and practical. If you like it, we can use it (or something similar) as standard notation
The rule of thumb is: a ‘(‘ means “switch to inverse scramble using the inverse sequence of the moves found for normal scramble as premoves”, a ‘)’ means “switch to normal scramble (…)”. An example will make it easy for everyone to understand:

Scramble: R2 F D2 F’ R2 B’ D2 B’ F’ L2 F U’ F2 L’ U2 B R’ F D2 F D’
Solution: L2 D’ L2 R B L F’ L’ F R’ U2 F’ U F U2 F U F’ U’ R’ F’ L F L’ F’ R2 F2 R2 (28 HTM)
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