A Complete Tutorial

I have finally finished this huge tutorial. It gathers every known technique in one place (I hope I didn’t miss anything).
Disclaimer: English is not my first language, so there may be mistakes or poorly written parts. Also, I haven’t read it through a second time, so there may be typos as well.

In the past someone pointed out that my writing style is boring: yes, I understand it is. The way this tutorial is written probably won’t motivate you if you aren’t already. I used to blame the fact that I am not writing in my language, but when writing the Italian version of this tutorial I found out it was boring in the same way. Too bad.

Feel free to translate this to any other language and to distribute this or other version anywhere. Just don’t translate my name under the title with yours

You can download the PDF from here.

Let me know if you find any mistake or if there is some technique that I didn’t include or for any other reason.

Happy FMC.

P.S.: Fun fact: the Italian version is almost 3 pages longer, though I have almost never shortened sentences on purpose. Sometimes I changed the structure of some sentences so that they didn’t sound like they were poorly translated from Italian (which they are). Linguist geek may have fun with this.